Monday, March 30, 2015

Week of March 30


What is going on this week?

  • 12 week progress reports (2nd 6 weeks) grades are due...students will receive these immediately after spring break
    • A little more than half of your modules should be completed (approximately 3/4) 
    • Notebook check #3 this Wednesday, April 1
    • Take notes when assigned to lesson modules (if you are not successful in passing the pretest). Working on lessons and taking notes at home are HIGHLY encouraged to save LOTS of time during class. Please see me (if I do not seek you first) for help for taking notes AND using them while taking taking your tests. Remember...Notes may be used to test AGAIN for  post-tests until reaching mastery (80%) 
    • Students re-taking a math or English course were given some helpful websites ...please see these resources under PAGES
      • English students need to begin turning in offline assignments IMMEDIATELY after spring break..ALL assignments will be accepted up until Friday May 15 (BEFORE final exams begin for non graduating seniors). Graduationg seniors repeating an English course will need to turn in ALL offline assignments a week earlier, Friday May 8...see these assignments( that have already been given to students with their textbooks earlier in the semester) under PAGES as well!