Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week of August 25

1st & 2nd period- Business & Technology
3rd period- Intro Business Technology

Please welcome your new teacher Ms. Thomas. I will be working with her as much as possible while I transition into my new role working with students in our credit recovery program, NovaNET. She will be continuing what we started last week with business letter writing. Also 1st & 2nd periods should have posted their poster pictures on their blog with a question allowing a classmate to provide feedback. Blog posting and commenting on another person's blog is also a part of your grade!  The last page of  your Course Syllabus should be returned to Ms. Thomas as well. The full syllabus should be viewed under pages on my blog according to which class you are in.  Course syllabi will be distibuted to parents at open house, Thursday, August 28 @6:30p.m.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week of August 18

1st & 2nd period- Business & Technology
    3rd period-Intro Business & Technology      

Monday 8/18- 
  • finish GROUP billboard & video message (1st & 2nd period ONLY)
  • finish GROUP event flyer & survey for GROUP CAUSE (3rd period ONLY)
  • view movie on a cause - Bullying...CYBERBULLY(3rd period ONLY)

Tuesday 8/19-  group causes http://www.national-awareness-days.com/
  • prep for group presentation on Wednesday
  • complete group packets

Wednesday 8/20-  group presentations
  • blog posting (1st & 2nd period ONLY)
  • blog commenting (1st & 2nd period ONLY)

Thursday 8/21- 

Friday 8/22-  DEADLINE to return syllabus (last page ONLY given out in class...see  your specific course syllabus on blog under pages)

2. communication graphic organizer...CHOOSE ONE
3. create memo back accepting or rejecting willingness to donate (using the company's logo in the memo)
  • business donation packet (1st & 2nd period ONLY)
  1. business letter - MS Word
  2. event flyer - MS Publisher
  3. event expenses - MS Excel
  4. guest list database - MS Access

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week of August 11

1st & 2nd period- Business & Technology
3rd period- Intro to Business & Technology

Mon 8/11 -

  1. complete pic collage presentations
  2. set up/create blogs for peer communication (feedback, student work, etc.)- 1st and 2nd periods www.blogspot.com or www.weebly.com
  3. set up/create online survey accounts for peer communication- 3rd period ONLY https://www.surveymonkey.com/ 

Tues 8/12- 
  1. communications vocabulary words & puzzles communication styles
  2. create online puzzles puzzlemaker

Wed 8/13- 

  1. syllabus review 2014-2015 BT Course Syllabus   2014-2015 IBT Course Syllabus
  2. class group posters/billboards by color (input/message on class rules AFTER syllabus review)
  3. color mindmaps 

Thurs 8/14- group causes http://www.national-awareness-days.com/
                   group video/billboard message...see real-life message DVD

Fri 8/15- group causes http://www.national-awareness-days.com/
               group video/billboard message
               common assessment
               syllabus review 2014-2015 BT Course Syllabus   2014-2015 IBT Course Syllabus return last page                             ...get parental signature over the weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week of August 4

1st & 2nd period- Business & Technology
3rd period- Intro Business & Technology

Mon 8/4   Firsy day of school    

  • class introductions/time spent during summer vacation
  • course review

Tues 8/5- picture collages reflecting your self/introductions/summer vacation

Wed 8/6 - picture presentations of collages

Thurs 8/7-  color communication writing(3-4 sentences) w/symbol

My color is......because...........

  • color quiz


  • more color information

Fri 8/8- 

  1. finish meaning of color
  2. positive emotions of gaming 
  3. finish up picture collages