Monday, March 24, 2014

Week of March 24

Week ending before Spring Break

Common Assessment week 

CTAE Red Carpet Affair, Wednesday, March 26, 2014 @ 6:30 p.m.

1st pd.- Business Communication & Presentation

Monday 3/24- 
  1.  All Boss is Away documents in employer folder
  2. Telephone script presentations
Tuesday 3/25-
  1. Multimedia Equipment Hardware and Computer Hardware sheet
  2. History of Computers
  • complete slideshow for the next decade with 3 facts/events, a pictures to represent ONLY on that ONE SLIDE,  AND add your reference(s) to work cited slide
  • create your own technology timeline of 10 events(one event/fact per decade AND picture beginning with 1900) DO NOT USE WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN INCLUDED IN POWERPOINT
*Online timeline storytools

Wednesday 3/26- continue working on slideshow & timeline

Thursday 3/27-  continue working on slideshow & timeline

Friday 3/28-  continue working on slideshow & timeline

 3rd pd. Computer Applications II

Monday  3/24- complete How Sweet it PowerPoint presentation

Tuesday 3/25-  add these for presentations for Wednesday
  1. slide handout for Mrs. Conley (see screenshot)
  2. 5 question survey for student classmates on your CANDY (see options below)

Wednesday 3/26-  presentation AND survey on How Sweet it is
Thursday 3/27 -   presentation AND survey on  How Sweet it is
Friday 3/28-  presentation AND survey on How Sweet it is

 4th pd. Intro Business Technology 

Monday 3/24- Leader movie on Jackie Robinson

Tuesday 3/25-
  1.  Groups writing response to leader's habit( one of Seven habits not already assigned to group)
  2. Individual SMART goal with "selfie"SMART goals...what are yours?? are they short-term?(takes less than a year to accomplish) are they long term? (takes more than a year to accomplish?

    T- Time Bound
  3. Prepare for Seven Habit group presentation(intro activity, PP presentation, & closing activity)
Wednesday 3/26- Seven Habits group presentations
Thursday 3/27- Seven Habits group presentations
Friday 3/28-  Seven Habits group presentations