Thursday, January 21, 2016

Week of January 25

Class Reminders...

  • All contracts (last page) should have been returned AND signed  by now
  • All students have been enrolled in their GradPoint course(s) AND can be seen in Synergy
  • Synergy gradebook will be set up soon and will reflect the following (as shown on contract):
    • highest test score (out of PRE & POST test scores)= 60% of grade
    • final review test that counts as a final exam AND EOC scores if repeating EOC course = 20%
    • notebook (reflecting notes from lessons/quizzes)= 20% of grade

NOTEBOOK CHECK will take place beginning Monday, January 25 ending Friday, January 29. A reminder will go please sign up. Invitations with sign up code will be distributed SOON!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week of January 4

Welcome Back... Spring 2016 semester is here!!!

All students that have been identified so far as needing to recover credit for a previous course failed should be making their way to me to get registered and set up to start in GradPoint. Please see pages to the right for all pertinent information regarding GradPoint. GradPoint contract/syllabus as also shown to the right will be distributed and discussed(along with a few other housekeeping items) no later than end of next week as students are still entering class.